Software licenses

Lucan's range of functions that is usable under the license Lucan Free is limited. In order to enable the use of extended functionalities, business customers can purchase the proprietary single-seat licenses Lucan Base and Lucan Pro. For details on the features available under the various licenses, see the information below and the API documentation.

A single-seat license may only be used on a single computer at the same time, but is not tied to specific computer or person. Licenses can be activated later after purchase. After activation, a license can be used for the granted duration of the license term. During the granted period of use, a license is also valid for subsequent versions of Lucan. There is no subscription model.

Licenses can be purchased via the online shop with automatic and immediate order fulfillment. The shop accepts only card payments. Other payment methods can be requested by email.

License Lucan Free

License Lucan Base

License Lucan Pro

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