The Lucan software offers support in the development of optical systems. It is used wherever ray paths need to be calculated. The three-dimensional implicit modeling and the powerful ray tracer provide a solid foundation to add new features to the software in the future. It is planned to add further functionalities for optical analysis and optimization methods used in optical design.

Lucan is operated via scripts, which are written in the Haskell programming language. This functional language and a clearly defined programming interface offer the user a lot of creative freedom during development.

The software can be used free of charge under the license Lucan Free. This license enables the use of fundamental functionalities. The proprietary licenses offer more functionality.

The program runs locally on the user's computer. The documentation page explains how to get started with the software. A feedback as an on requirements and user experience is welcome.


Lucan can be downloaded without registration in the 64-bit version for Windows. In the future there will also be a version for Linux.